For this project there were some strict guidelines to be followed. First, the animation must start and end with a dot of 200 pixels in diameter and must be center screen. Second, it can only be 20 seconds long and, of course, it had to be rendered in 1920x1080p.
Other than that, we were actually given full control of what we wanted to make.

I've always loved music videos, particularly when they're so well made that
you feel like you can't take your eyes away from the screen...and I'm a huge fan of rave and house music.
I wanted to try this out for myself and the goal was not only to make this project enjoyable and exciting,
but I decided to use it as an opportunity to further my knowledge of cinema 4d and after-effects by trying to make the best work I possibly could.

I built all of these scenes in cinema 4d and rendered some of them using Redshift render
A lot of the scenes involved elements I had never
attempted before , and there was a massive learning curve.
I found C4d so comfortable to use ,I'm passionate about sculpting and stop-motion
animation, it was pretty easy to translate what I already knew into this 3d software

I'm really interested in the development of media for music videos and it was exciting to see if I could create something that was up to the same professional standard.

For scene breakdowns and to see some of the rough drafts of this work head over to my vimeo account its linked in my profile.
and Thank you for supporting me

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